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I luoghi segreti dell'essere e del tempo

Villa Franceschi and its Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea close their exhibiting season of year 2011 in Riccione with some great exhibition dedicated to artist Lucio Saffaro (1929-1998). Such an event has met with huge success and received many compliments by the general public so far. From next 5th November it will be possible to admire more than sixty works of such a recognized artist, born in Trieste but soon adopted by the town of Bologna. He, in fact, became popular in the Seventies for being one of the most original and unusual figures of Italian culture. In this exhibition, the public will have the chance to take a look to its paintings, drawings and graphic works, among which the awesome study for the monument of Eudosso (1967), belonging to "Raccolta Arcangeli" of Region Emilia Romagna, kept in the Museum of Riccione so far. Lucio Saffaro, a painter, a writer, a physician and a mathematician has actually left precise traces in the figurative research of his time, based on the relation between numbers and art, art of words and images. This exhibition in Riccione underlines some of Saffaro's essential features rising from his extraordinary and charming complex creativeness with a collection of works corresponding more precisely to his life-long research on mystery and on the unknown. Some aspects, which were quite not taken into account so far, now do emerge: it goes from the first very little recognized drawings or from the oil on canvas, pertaining to the original idea of "metaphysics", to some clearly more "Saffarian" paintings and graphic works. It does emerge in fact a research going by a deep Classicism of Italian Rinascimento. Always denying the appellation of "artist- mathematician", Saffaro has constantly acted mixing Maths and Art through his works, creating a sort of simple continuum between a discipline and the other one. Lucio Saffaro was present at Biennale of Venice and Quadriennale of Rome several times and handled an intense exhibiting activity, followed by a growing "critical success". As a matter of fact, many critics wrote about Saffaro and about his works of art, such as: Accame, Anceschi, Arcangeli, Argan, Baratta, Calvesi, Carandente, Caroli, Emiliani, Emmer, Galimberti, Lemaire, Longo, Marchiori, Menna, Quintavalle, Raimondi, Ramat, Ricoeur, Russoli, Zevi, ect. After his death in 1998, a Foundation in his name and operating for the good of his Art, was instituted in Bologna, where the artist lived and worked for a long time. This Foundation operates in cooperation with the Museum of Art and Sciences of Palazzo Poggi of the University of Bologna. The exhibition "Lucio Saffaro. I luoghi segreti dell'essere e del tempo" curated by Mrs. Gisella Vismara, is promoted by Villa Franceschi in collaboration with Fondazione Lucio Saffaro and Palazzo Poggi of Bologna and with the participation of the Istituto Regionale per i beni artistici, culturali e naturali (Regional Institution for Art, Culture and Nature), as well as the Province of Rimini.

The catalogue itself, edited by Mrs. Gisella Vismara, with the writings of Mr. Giovanni Maria Accame and Mr. Claudio Cerritelli, has been published by Silvana Editore, thanks to the financial support of Fondazione Lucio Saffaro.

The exhibition will be open to the public until 31st January 2012


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