Disputa cometofantica, (edited by Gisella Vismara), contributions by F. Ermini, G. Vismara. Ed. Bologna, 2011

Published in July 2011

"Disputa cometofantica is a book in form of a poem. It has every feature of a narration romance: there is a plot, there is a landscape, there are the characters": Flavio Ermini writes so, in the introduction to this unpublished work which is Saffaro's last work before his death a few months afterwards. It is a sort of testamentary enigma that he left. An interrogation about language and human speech where mankind is endowed with speech faculty, so men and women can name things and count with the help of "an instrument already given to them, since the beginning", just ready to be used for communication.
Lucio Saffaro, in this completely unknown work, writes about a polyhedral intellectual character too, whose careful and unique vision of existence never gives up on investigating among the three disciplines: literature, art and sciences.
He is a figure such that of an old scholar who writes original and complex texts, paintings and drawings, and produces mathematical studies and new ways of thinking characterized by the willingness to go beyond the division between scientific knowledge and humanistic culture.

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